Canine Sports Massage

Like ourselves, massage has many beneficial applications for our pets from releasing tight muscles, assisting recovery following injury or surgery, easing age-related ailments, warming up before competitions or work, injury prevention, improving quality of life and is also very relaxing for them.

I utilize a number of techniques in my treatment sessions including traditional massage, stress and trigger point therapy, passive range of motion (PROM) therapy, stretches, and myofascial release just to name a few.

The sessions usually last an hour which includes a discussion about your pet, their history and progress, initial assessment, treatment, progress assessment, and a chat about follow up care. Each treatment session is tailored specifically for your pet and their needs with regular assessments so that their recovery can be easily and clearly tracked.

To ensure that everything is comfortable for you and your pet, I visit your home for the consultation and to carry out the treatment. If this not suitable for you, please contact me and we can arrange an alternative location.

In addition, all animals require a veterinary permission for animal therapy treatments to begin and it will provide an opportunity for me to gain a full medical history relevant to the treatment that I will be providing. I will also be keeping contact with the veterinary surgeon so that our treatments complement one another and provide the best health care for your pet.